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Glass mosaics offer textures and shimmering finishes that have the depth and light, qualities that are special to glass.

Mosaics are vocabulary of texture, pattern and shapes.
Some of my mosaics have reverse glass painting as part of the glass mosaic, speaking of my foundations as a painter.

The public art installations at Tucson International Airport are examples of mosaics that combine my technique of using stained glass mosaic with reverse glass paintings.

August Day
Stained Glass
6.5'x x 3'
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Glass Mosaic
6” x 35”
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Glass Mosaic
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Glass Mosaic
5’ x 4’
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Glass osaic
5’ x 4’
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Glass Mosaic
14" x 10"
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Glass Mosaic
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Glass Mosaic
26" x 15"
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Glass Mosaic
15" x 24"
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Glass Mosaic
10" x 14"
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Glass Mosaic
6" x 35"
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Stained Glass Mosaic
8" x 8"
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Stained Glass Mosaic
10" x 10"
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Glass mosaic
13 3/4" x 9 1/2
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Glass Mosaic
11" x 15"
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Stained Glass Mosaics
141/2" x 11 1/4"
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Glass Mosaic
8" x 8"
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Glass Mirror Mosaic
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Glass Mosaic
4" x 4"