Animal Artist

At this point in our lives we truly come to appreciate the good in all aspects. Health, friends, family and more. Everything in the present - now - today.

I’ve always described myself as work in progress. Continually evolving with each new creative project.

I grew up wanting to travel, experiencing different cultures, parks, art, native flora and fauna. An adventure naturalist just like the nature shows of Wild Kingdom and David Attenborough.

After a circuitous route, I eventually settled on a degree in illustration and design as a way of bringing my childhood fantasies to life.
Now I explore the natural world through paintings, drawings and my keyboard.

I spent my early years designing and drawing for the Air Force while traveling at every opportunity. In my spare time I drew and painted animal/pet portraits for friends which led to larger private commissions.

As a child, I was never without books on animals, animal stories. I’ve always loved books and reading. When I wasn’t reading about animals, I was drawing them. Marveling at the diversity, intelligence - and trying to understand it all.

The artworks on this website are my love letters to animals and Planet Earth. Each a story of my favorite birds and animals; some common, others endangered and less so.

My desire is that these artworks will awaken the same sense of wonder of animals and nature that has accompanied me on my creative journey.

I hope my art will offer of a glimpse of the outstanding diversity of nature from the perspective of an animal obsessed girl and the contemporary wildlife artist she became.