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Javelina painting, desert wildlife painting, sue betanzos, Tucson, contemporary southwest, peccary, tucson wildlife
Javelina Happy Screen
40.5" x 35"

Javelina portrait by Sue Betanzos, animal artist.

Painted onto a large three panel wood folding screen with copper leaf highlights in the hooves and word.

Rich, happy colors and style, this little Javelina was observed resting in the shade and loosely drawn from life in pose. I try to bring my binoculars everywhere I go, observing wildlife and nature opportunities!

A more interpretive painting style from an earlier period that has a focus on color and pose over details.
The three panel folding screen may be hung as wall decor or used as a fireplace screen.

Javelina are Not pigs. They are peccaries. Families can be a few, or up to 6. With a keen sense of smell, sharp tusks and protective instincts, they are formidable in numbers.

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