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Javelina, desert wildlife, sue betanzos, Tucson, contemporary southwest, peccary, tucson wildlife
Javelina Happy Screen
40.5" x 35"

Contemporary wildlife Javelina portrait by Sue Betanzos, animal artist.

On a three panel folding screen with copper leaf highlights in the hooves and word.

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Rich, happy colors and style, this little Javelina was observed resting in the shade and loosely drawn from life in pose. I try to bring my binoculars everywhere I go, observing wildlife and nature opportunities!

A more interpretive painting style that has a focus on color and pose over details. The three panel folding screen may be hung as wall decor or used as a fireplace screen.

Javelina are Not pigs. They are peccaries. Families can be a few, or up to 6. With a keen sense of smell, sharp tusks and protective instincts, they are formidable in numbers.

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