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Golden Bunnies
Reverse Glass Painting
8”x 8”

Golden Bunnies reverse glass painting by Sue Betanzos.

Sweet baby bunnies snuggling in their nest of golden grasses, quietly waiting for mama to return.

Painted in reverse, backwards onto the backside of the glass.
A deep shadow box frame highlights the bunnies and technique of reverse glass painting.

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Verre’ Eglomise or Reverse Glass Painting is a very old technique dating to pre-Roman eras.

Whenever babies such as theses bunnies are found, do not touch them. Usually they are not abandoned and mama is not far.

Simply observe from a distance. If mama has not returned in a few hours, there are wildlife rescue shelters that will care for them to release into the wild when they are ready.

Tucson Wildlife Rescue and Release is an excellent rescue here in Tucson AZ.