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Nesting Gem Hummingbird
Double Reverse Glass Painting
8" x 18

Nesting Gem Hummingbird, double reverse glass painting by Sue Betanzos.

Nesting Gem is part of a new series of reverse glass paintings that are actually Two reverse glass paintings, one behind the other.

The effect is magical, with a female Broad Billed Hummingbird floating on her leafy nest over a jewel colored green, sienna multi-colored faux stone glass painting.

The painting glows with layers of soft colors!
Gold and silver highlights add to this rich contemporary wildlife painting.

Verre’ Eglomise or Reverse Glass Painting is a very old technique dating to pre-Roman eras.

Visit my Instagram or Facebook to see the creation of this painting.

The beautiful custom frame by expert Tucson framer, Mo's Gallery perfectly compliments this special artwork.

Did you know that Hummingbirds make their nests from soft materials that are bound by spider web to allow the nest to stretch as the chicks grow? Fine silver web lines reflect in the nest!

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