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Violet Gem Hummingbird
Reverse Glass Painting
7" x 18"

Violet Gem Hummingbird, double reverse glass painting by Sue Betanzos.

Violet Gem Hummingbird is part of a new series of reverse glass paintings that are actually Two reverse glass paintings, one behind the other.

The effect is magical, with the tiny Rufous Hummingbird floating over a jewel colored amethyst faux stone glass painting. The glass paintings glow with layers of color from both panels.
Gold embellishments add to this rich contemporary wildlife painting.

The Verre’ Eglomise Reverse Glass Painting technique used in the creation of these glass paintings is very old, dating to pre-Roman eras.

Often seen at feeders in the spring and fall, the tiny Rufous Hummingbird is just 3 inches and makes one of the longest migrations each spring and fall, traveling about 2,000 miles each way from it’s winter home in Mexico to southern Alaska to breed - Solo!

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Custom framed by expert Tucson framer, Mo's Gallery.

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