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Beauty In Orange Butterfly glass painting
Reverse Glass Painting

Beauty in Orange butterfly glass painting reverse glass painting by artist Sue Betanzos

This richly colored miniature butterfly glass painting is painted on the back side of the glass, backwards, in reverse. By Sue Betanzos, animal artist.

This painting comes in a lovely silvery wood custom frame. Contact me for a photo with the frame.

This 5" x 7" gem of a reverse glass painting is painted in jewel-like colors of orange and blues with gold and silver highlights.

Each original painting comes with a certificate of authenticity, provenance, that details the painting, signed by the artist Sue Betanzos.

The Orange Sulphur Butterfly is found in North America.
It comes in wide a silvery pale frame.

Reverse glass painting is a very old technique. The earliest examples dating back to the time of Constantine in the third century AD.

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