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Tucson International Airport Mosaic Mural Detail

Detail of the Ringtail Cat Mosaic Mural for Tucson International Airport. Kids and visitors love the scorpion ( spanish: alacrán).
Who could guess that would be a favorite feature of this mosaic mural?! I guess many have not seen a real scorpion

The mosaic mural is of Tucson regional flora and fauna. A reverse glass painting of the Ringtail Cat on a stained glass night blooming cerrius with glass, ceramic, stones, fossils, gems all representing aspects of the desert.

The Ringtail Cat is Arizona's state mammal and the night blooming cerius is very special annual event celebrated in many parks. Turquoise is the state gem. The scorpion is a desert critter who's sting can make people and pets very ill - member of the spider (arachnid) family.

Real stones, agate, fossils, glass gems and ceramic stone are used to simulate the water and desert.

A hand painted mural is of Tucson's famous starry skies is the mosaic background. Tucson is known for some of the best star gazing with Kit Peak as the main observatory.