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Tucson International Airport Public Art Agave and Hummingbirds Mosaic Mural
Mixed media Mosaic

Public art mosaic mural for Tucson International Airport. This is a mosaic mural of Tucson regional flora and fauna.

A large stained glass and mirror Agave with a real crystal amethyst center piece is the main feature of this mosaic mural.

Two reverse glass paintings of hummingbirds that winter in Arizona hover overhead on stained glass with mirror.

The Agave is a hardy desert plant that tequila is also made from in Mexico.
Real stones, agate, fossils, glass gems and ceramic stone are used to simulate the desert as part of the mosaic mural.

A hand painted mural is the mosaic background. This is one of four permanent mosaic murals on the baggage level at the Tucson International Airport.