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Queen of the Night Reverse Glass Painting
Queen of the Night Reverse Glass Painting
Reverse Glass Painting
4” x 5”

Queen of the Night reverse glass painting by Sue Betanzos

The artwork is actually two paintings, one with the flower and stars, the second with the gold halo and blue background

Though they may bloom only once a year, for one night, these desk companions will provide magic all year. ✨Preserving the wonder of these flowers.

The astrological signs can be personalized. This painting was created in the month of Leo, hence the Leo Star constellation and tiny gold Leo sign in the lower right hand corner.

Christmas in August too early? Not really. The weeks will fly by.
The Queen of the Night is a beautiful, original gift personalized with a person’s astrological sign - just for them.

Perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, birth announcements celebrating the uniqueness of each new life.

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