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St. Francis in Fair Oaks Forest
Reverse glass painting
11" x 14"

Above is a recent St.Francis pet portrait reverse glass painting Finished!

Snuggles, Buggles, Mocha and Pepper with St. Francis in a magical forest on a starry night.
I love painting these detailed pet portraits with the iconic, original environmentalist, St. Francis!

Each portrait not only has your furry companions or animals but also has elements specific to the area of your choice.

The rich colors with metallics of silver and gold are hand painted on the back side of the glass, backwards, with glass enamel paints which do not fade when kept out of strong and direct sunlight.

Available work is also in this gallery HERE.

Contact me for your very own pet portrait with or with out St. Francis in this whimsical alternate style. The fantasy style is interpretive and more about celebrating good times, happy memories.