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Dog and Butterfly Glass Painting
Reverse Glass Painting

Dog and Butterfly reverse glass painting by artist Sue Betanzos

This richly colored miniature butterfly glass painting is painted directly on the backside of the glass, backwards.

The 5" x 7" gem of a reverse glass painting is painted in jewel-like colors of yellow and purples with gold and silver highlights.

Each original painting comes with a certificate of authenticity with details of the painting, signed by the artist Sue Betanzos.

I love this butterfly because not only is it the state butterfly of my home of California, but it also because it is named after a favorite animal - the Dog!

The shape on the wings resembles a dog profile - use your imagination like when you were a kid, cloud viewing :) It looks like a poodle’s head to me!
This butterfly is found in North America in, you guessed it, California.

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