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Hummingbird Dance reverse glass paintings
Reverse Glass painting
30" x 32"

Hummingbird Dance reverse glass paintings by Sue Betanzos.
One of my very favorite pieces!

This large, very unique glass painting is in a custom handmade frame.

It has Nine (9) individual jewel colored 5" x 7" reverse glass paintings of different hummingbirds!

Real dried rose petals from my garden accent the frame.

Each miniature painting has hand pressed leaves from my garden, resulting in lovely textured backgrounds. The custom made frame is a part of the artwork with small boxes individually placed for each hummingbird.

Painted backwards onto the glass on the backside of the glass, reverse glass painting or Verre Eglomise has a long history in European Painting where it has been known since the 14th century as a traditional painting technique.

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