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Anna Hummingbird, poppies, colored pencil, drawing, sue betanzos, bird art, hummingbirds, hummingbird art, birds, wildlife art, wildlife, animal art
Anna Hummingbird with Poppies
Colored Pencil
9" x 12"

I love to color! Using colored pencils and an illustration I did for the Tucson Botanical Garden's coloring book My Backyard Garden.

Purchase this and get an artist signed copy of My Backyard Garden coloring book! Limited edition, due to one printing.

The bilingual coloring book can be found at the Pima County Libraries in the gardening section.
It is a story about a grandmother teaching her grandkids how to attract wildlife to their new home.

Anna the hummingbird is one of the first visitors to the new garden.
The coloring book has illustrations to copy and color.

*Cash is fine too if you do not use Paypal and are in Tucson.
I can meet and deliver the artwork to you.*