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Queen of the Night glass Painting
Reverse glass painting
8" x 10"

Queen of the Night reverse glass flower painting by artist Sue Betanzos


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In this magical glass painting, the flowers are painted directly onto the backside of the glass, in reverse.

Gold highlights, little silver stars and soft pearly gleam to the flower petals complete the magic of this piece.

The large night blooming cactus flowers smell like vanilla in the evening air.

Silvery stars and pearly flower petals softly shine in this painting.

Verre’ Eglomise or Reverse Glass Painting is a very old technique dating to pre-Roman eras.

Beautiful champaign gold frame by expert Tucson framer Mo's Gallery.

Reverse glass painting or Verre Eglomise has a long history in European Painting where it has been known since the 14th century as a traditional painting technique.