Artwork > Reflections of Nature, Agua Client Park

In case you could not make it to my solo show, or are still interested in a special artwork I'm leaving the show gallery up for the month of February.

Pieces from the show that are available are here.

My solo show Reflections of Nature in Agua Caliente Park at the Ranch House Gallery was Jan. 12 - Feb 13, 2019 and featured my original paintings and mosaics of the natural world in beautiful Tucson Arizona.

sea lion, underwater painting, sea life, ocean, wildlife, sue betanzos, sea wildlife, ocean wildlife, coral reef, fish
Reverse glass painting
16 x 20"
Glass mosaic, glass heart, home decor, heart mosaic, Milagro mosaic, Milagro, Sue Betanzos
Glass mosaicc
8" x 8"
songbird, sue betanzos, birds, songbird art, oriole painting, animal art, bird art, tucson wildlife
wildlife, suebetanzos, stationary, wildlife art, animal art, note cards, reverse glass painting, birds
6 1/2 " x 5"
tucson wildlife, sue betanzos, audubon, coloring book, garden art, garden story, tucson botanical garden, hummingbirds, spanish coloring book, spanish children book
Crayola Crayons
11" x 14"
Hummingbirds, sue betanzos, birds, hummingbird art, hummingbird painting, animal art, bird art, tucson wildlife
Acrylic, Giclee on Canvas
Hummingbirds, sue betanzos, birds, hummingbird art, hummingbird painting, animal art, bird art, tucson wildlife
Reverse Glass painting
30" x 32"
Javelina, desert wildlife, sue betanzos, Tucson, contemporary southwest, peccary, tucson wildlife
40.5" x 35"
Anna Hummingbird, poppies, colored pencil, drawing, sue betanzos, bird art, hummingbirds, hummingbird art, birds, wildlife art, wildlife, animal art
Colored Pencil
9" x 12"
sue betanzos, Rufous Hummingbird painting, bird painting, southwest bird painting, hummingbird painting, contemporary hummingbird painting, hummingbird painting,  contemporary wildlife painting, bird painting, hummingbird painting
Acrylic, Giclee
4' x 6'
Hare, Monarch Butterfly, Fairy, Aue Betanzos, Fantasy animal, animal folktale, animal art, wildlife fantasy, butterfly art
sue betanzos, glass mosaic, nature mosaic, home decor, wall decor, nature decor, squirrel mosaic, squirrel painting, wildlife mosaic, southwest mosaic, reverse glass painting, mirror mosaic,  contemporary wildlife mosaic, stained glass desert mosaic
Glass Nature Mosaic
15" x 24"
Glass Painting, home decor, beach, ocean, sea turtle, beach decor, ocean decor, sea painting, sea turtle painting, sue betanzos, sue betanzos design, sue betanzos art, sue betanzos glass painting, reverse glass painting, sea turtle painting, ocean paintin
Reverse glass painting
sue betanzos, mermaid painting, glass painting, reverse glass, la sirena painting, sea painting, ocean painting, coral reef painting, garibaldi fish, kelp, jellyfish, angelfish, seastars, mermaid reverse glass painting, mermaid folktale painting, fantasy
Reverse glass painting
16 x 20"
desert art, glass painting, Santa Fe art, alter art, queen of the night, sue betanzos, Christmas Gift, reverse glass painting, cactus painting, southwest painting, nature painting, night blooming cactus painting, desert flower painting, night flower paint
Reverse glass painting
14" x 30"
bird, songbird, Lark, sing, wildlife, sue betanzos, meadowlark, wildflowers, bird song, nature print, bird print, songbird print, meadowlark art print
9" x 12"
sue betanzos, reverse glass painting, cactus painting,  southwest painting, nature painting, night blooming cactus painting, desert flower painting, night flower painting, desert night painting
Reverse glass painting
8" x 10"
sue betanzos, bat painting, Bats, reverse glass painting, night sky painting, wildlife painting, southwest bat painting, contemporary bat painting, contemporary glass painting, bat glass painting
reverse glass painting
12" x 9"
Barn Owl, colored pencil, Sue Betanzos, barn owl art, animal art, raptor art, colored pencil, suebetanzos design, animal artist, owl art
colored pencil
8" x 10"
Glass mosaic, glass mosaic sign, garden art, garden sign, welcome sign garden welcome, glass art, home decor garden decor, Gila Monster, southwest lizard, glass mosaic, mosaic Gila Monster, Gila Monster Art, suebetanzos, stained glass mosaic
Glass Mosaic
14" x 10"
sue betanzos, reverse glass painting, kit fox painting, southwest animal painting, kit fox painting, fox glass painting, desert fox glass painting
Glass Painting, giclee
8 x 10"
suebetanzos, Glass mosaic, mosaic, abstract mosaic, tempered glass mosaic, contemporary mosaic, glass mosaic, stones, spring mosaic, mirror mosaic, stained glass mosaic, tempered glass mosaic, recycled
Glass Mosaic
6" x 35"
raptors, hawk, reverse glass painting, red tailed hawk, southwest, wildlife. arizona, SueBetanzos
Reverse glass painting, Giclee
8" x 10"
suebetanzos, glass mosaic, Sue Betanzos, glass painting, nature decor, squirrel mosaic, southwest mosaic, desert mosaic wildlife, contemporary wildlife painting, mirror mosaic, mosaic, agate mosaic, turquoise, reverse glass painting, antelope squirrel, pr
Glass Mosaic
13" x 8"
sue betanzos, glass mosaic, mirror mosaic, mosaic, coyote mosaic, reverse glass painting, mirror mosaic, glass mosaic, contemporary coyote mosaic, contemporary coyote painting, coyote glass painting, southwest mosaic, southwest wildlife mosaic
Glass Mosaic
26" x 15"
colored pencil bird, colored pencil quail, Sue Betanzos, nature decor, nature art, nature wall art, quail art, bird art, prickly pear cactus art, gambels quail art, desert quail, southwest quail, arizona quail, suebetanzos, animal artist
Colored Pencil
Glass Mosaic, Home decor, interior decor, Glass Wall Hanging, goldfinch mosaic, songbird mosaic, goldfinch art, bird art, suebetanzos, stained glass mosaic
Glass Mosaic
10" x 14"
sue betanzos, mosaic mirror, Mosaic plate, 12 inch, stained glass mosaic, vintage beads mosaic, gold, reverse glass painting, dog mosaic, southwest mosaic canyon, southwest, tempered glass mosaic, stained glass mosaic,
Glass Mosaic
Colored Pencil animal, Wildlife painting, Sue Betanzos, red fox painting, red fox, wildlife painting, Sara Pennypacker, colored pencil fox, SueBetanzos, polychromos
Colored Pencil Painting
71/2" x 91/2"
sue betanzos, coyote, blue, southwest, nature, folklore, native american, story, animal, dog