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Here you'll find a collection of my realistic style paintings. I'm an explorer of art mediums, finding new challenges and growth in each. Animals are my subjects.

Available work is listed in this gallery HERE.

Celebrating the spirits of animals is my specialty, and what I love to do!

Hummingbird Dance reverse glass paintings, sue betanzos, reverse glass painting, hummingbird glass painting, wildlife painting, bird painting, nature bird painting, southwest bird painting, contemporary hummingbird painting, contemporary bird painting
Reverse glass painting
32" x 30"
Little Visitor Bird reverse glass painting, Sue Betanzos Art, reverse glass painting, glass painting, art glass, glass art, Sue Betanzos, wildlife art, songbirds, Verdin, back painted glass, glass painting, birds, bird art, animal art, nature art
Reverse Glass painting
11" x 14"
Tucson Gems hummingbird glass painting, Sue Betanzos Art, Glass painting, glass art, reverse glass painting, art glass, hummingbirds, reverse glass painting, back painted glass, glass painting, Tucson birds, Sue Betanzos, Nature painting, hummingbird art,
Reverse Glass Painting
Seal Curiosity reverse glass painting, sea lion, underwater painting, sea life, ocean, wildlife, sue betanzos, sea wildlife, ocean wildlife, coral reef, fish
Reverse glass painting
16 x 20"
Dream of the Sea reverse glass painting, Glass Painting, home decor, beach, ocean, sea turtle art, sea turtle painting, beach decor, ocean decor, sea painting, sea turtle painting, sue betanzos, sue betanzos design, sue betanzos art, sue betanzos glass pa
Reverse glass painting
Australian Shepherd Pet portrait, colored pencil pet portrait, pet portrait, custom pet portrait, Border Collie, Australian Shepherd, pet portrait, dog portrait, Colored Pencil, dog rescue, Sue Betanzos, custom art, home decor, shelter pet animal drawing,
Colored Pencil
9" x 8"
Pomeranian pet portrait, custom pet portrait, Pomeranian rescue, dog portrait, Sue Betanzos, dog portrait art, colored pencil dog portrait, animal art, sue Betanzos, dog art
Colored Pencil, Ink
Australian Shepherd Dog Portrait, Australian Shepherd tri-color, Australian Shepherd rescue, dog painting, Sue Betanzos, Australian shepherd painting, pet portrait painting, dog painting, contemporary dog painting, herding dog painting, pet memorial paint
10 1/2" x 8 1/4"
African grey parrot print, african grey parrot art, sue betanzos, african grey parrot painting, parrot painting, bird painting, pet portrait painting, bird watercolor painting, gouache, african bird painting
Digital Print
8" x 10"