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Channel your love for your furry companions into a timeless keepsake with a pet portrait by Sue Betanzos.

Pet portraits are offered in two distinct collections:
🐾 Realistic and
🌿 Whimsical

Contact me for your pet portrait commission, questions and pet stories - I love hearing from pet and animal lovers!

The bond we develop with our pets and the natural world is deep.
They bring us inspiration, unconditional love and uplift our spirits.

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Colored Pencil
9" x 12"
Australian Shepherd Pencil Portrait, literacy art, read to a dog, book art, pet portrait, pencil art, book art, Australian Shepherd, Australian Shepherd rescue, dog drawing, Sue Betanzos, Australian shepherd painting, pet portrait painting, dog painting,
11" x 8"
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Colored Pencil
9" x 8"
Dogs, Pomeranian, Pet Portrait, sue betanzos, colored pencil, animal art, dog portrait, dog lover, pet lover, dog art, pet art
Colored Pencil
8" x 8"
Pomeranian pet portrait, custom pet portrait, Pomeranian rescue, dog portrait, Sue Betanzos, dog portrait art, colored pencil dog portrait, animal art, sue Betanzos, dog art
Colored Pencil, Ink
border collie print, border collie art, sue betanzos, border collie painting, pet painting, herding dog painting, collie painting, pet portrait painting, contemporary dog painting, contemporary border collie painting
30” x 40”
dog, pet, pet portrait, australian shepherd, ink, drawing, fine art
8" x 10"