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Australian Shepherd Pet Portrait
8” x 10”

Australian Shepherd pet portrait by Sue Betanzos

An acrylic sketchbook study of my best girl, Risa.
In Spanish her name means to laugh, smile.
Such a happy girl. Wearing her stars n’ stripes, she is my forever Valentine.

Australian Shepherds are an American breed, not from Australia.
Their origins are as working class livestock herding.
Super smart along with most herding breeds.

High energy most of the time, they also know how to chill with their owner, relaxing. They need to be with their humans. Most won’t do well sitting alone while the human is work for the day. Too lonely for them.

Due to their strong herding instinct, they need to be introduced to children early or they tend to “herd” noisy, fast moving kids. It’s why a lot of the rescues will put “not good with small kids” in the description.

Fabulous companions for active people. Senior Aussies are Great with seniors, retirees, those with no kids. Very intuitive fast learners.
Can you tell? I love this breed, all dogs really :)