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St. Francis and the Wolf
Reverse glass painting
16' x 20"

St. Francis and the Wolf reverse glass painting by Sue Betanzos

This large richly colored 16”x20” reverse glass painting is in a custom handmade alter frame of hardwood.

This is the ONLY St. Francis glass painting original painting with an alter style frame left for sale.

The story tells of St. Francis asking the wolf to stop terrorizing the village of Gubio, Italy and in return the villagers would feed the wolf so he would not starve.

View a print quality image of the glass painting HERE.

The large reverse glass painting offers jewel like qualities and shimmering finishes that have depth and light unique to glass. A golden sun shimmers in the background.

The beautiful handcrafted custom frame is a one of a kind alter style. Contact me for a photo.
"For it is in giving that we receive" is featured on the frame.

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Commissions of your favorite animal, pet, or nature subject are always welcome!