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Queen of the Night Tucson painting
Reverse glass painting
14" x 30"

Queen of the Night Tucson painting, reverse glass painting by Sue Betanzos.
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View a print quality image of this painting HERE.

This large beautiful glass painting is an amazing sight in person, with rich colors and softly gleaming highlights of gold and silver. Pollinators, the Sphinx moths, hover in the starry night.

The glass painting is in a gorgeous handmade alter style frame.

The quote on the frame: "O' thou art fairer than the evening air, Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars." - Christopher Marlow

Here in the Tucson desert, big events are planned around the blooming that occurs Once A Year for One Night. For one special night the air is filled with the heavy scent of vanilla as these flowers start to open at night.

You have to experience this painting to really get the magic of the very special cactus flower.

I have several that bloom around a window and I sit with a chair at night and a glass of wine, the air scented and watch the magic unfold almost in a time lapse before my eyes :)

Cash is fine too if you do not use Paypal and are in Tucson. I can meet and deliver the artwork to you