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raptors, hawk, reverse glass painting, red tailed hawk, southwest, wildlife. arizona, SueBetanzos
Red Tailed Hawk
Reverse glass painting, Giclee
8" x 10"

A contemporary glass painting of a Red Tailed Hawk.
This hawk was part of a mosaic in a series that incorporated mosaics with glass painting. This is a giclee gloss print in an 11" x 14 frame

The hawk was painted onto the glass on the backside of the glass, reverse glass painting or Verre Eglomise has a long history in European Painting where it has been known since the 14th century as a traditional painting technique.

I feel it is one of my finer paintings that really captured these beautiful raptors.

Red Tailed Hawks are fairly common in the Tucson desert. True urbanized wildlife, they will soar over traffic, playgrounds, etc. looking for unwary prey. They are Large birds, magnificent.