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Hummingbird Dance
Reverse glass painting
32" x 30"

Hummingbirds are favorite of artists, gardeners, and birders because they are so beautiful and fun to watch. Plus easy to attract to almost any yard with the help of a bee proof feeder.

I have done several artworks of the hummingbird in mosaic, colored pencil, acrylics and glass paintings. A happy addiction I'm still working on :)
Tucson is a haven for hummingbirds. Several kinds spend their winters in this desert's mild climate.

This is a sweet reverse glass painting of nature's fearless little gems. I focused on the hummingbird's amazing abilities in flight.
Each hummingbird painting glass is fitted in a custom box frame. All the box frames are different depths and angles. One of my most unique framing pieces.
Those pink spots on the frame are dried pressed rose petals from my garden.