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Queen of the Night
Reverse glass painting
14" x 30"

Queen of the Night reverse glass painting by Sue Betanzos

Prints and more of this special painting are available Here.

The night blooming cereus is often known as the Queen of the Night.

It's exquisite large white waxy flowers bloom in the night and pollinators such as bats and the Sphinx Moth in this painting are drawn to it's heady vanilla flower scent that perfumes the air.

Part of the magic is the ephemeral quality of the occasion.
By dawn the flowers are already beginning to close and the first rays of the sun will begin to shrivel the closed flowers.

In the Tucson desert, big events are planned around the blooming of the Queen of the Night which occurs Once A Year for One Night.
For one special night the air is filled with the heavy scent of vanilla as these queenly flowers share their beauty with many admirers.